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Platinum Electrical Contractors

Platinum Electrical Contractors are the exclusive installers for the Nightwatcher range of Security Lights.

Platinum have contractors Australia-Wide that are accredited by the Master Electricians Association.

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t +61 1300 281 005
f +61 3 8610 0393
e info@nightwatcher.com.au

Why isn't the light coming on?
The sensor light will only come ON when it is dark enough outside. Please insure that ambient light from a nearby light pole or other object is not shining directly on the sensor light.

What is test mode?
Test mode will allow the light to come ON when triggered in day and night operation. Please refer to page 4 of the installation manual.

Will my sensor light be OK in the rain?
The sensor light is designed for outdoor use and is resistant to water and extreme weather conditions.

Why isn’t the light coming on during the day?
The Nightwatcher security light features two (2) operation modes. ‘Energy-saving mode’ & optional ’24 hour mode’. The Nightwatcher is pre set to ‘Energy-saving mode’ which means the light will not operate during daylight hours and will only operate at Dusk. To have the light turn on during daytime hours, you must switch from energy saving mode to 24HR mode by pushing the button at the bottom of the fitting.

How long will the light stay when motion is detected?
Each Night Watcher model has a fixed ‘on time’ of 3 minutes.

What does the hidden red light indicate behind the P.I.R?
The ‘steady’ red LED through the front lens of the housing indicates that the system is active.

What does the hidden red light flash indicate behind the P.I.R?
This indicates that the stepper motor within the unit is working abnormally, this could be due to the light head being blocked by objects or strong wind is preventing it from turning properly. Simply switch off the Night Watcher at the power source briefly to reset the Night Watcher to normal operation.

Why is the sensor light being activated when there is no movement seen?
Sometimes objects in nature can trigger the sensor light. Either warm or heavy wind moving a nearby tree, reflecting or moving water can cause the light to activate. This is normal and circuitry in the sensor light will keep this at a minimum in normal conditions.

Why isn’t the optional alarm working during the daylight hours?
To have the Nightwatcher’s optional alarm unit operate during daylight hours, you must switch from ‘Energy saving mode’ to ‘24hr mode’ by pushing the button at the bottom of the fitting, this operation mode will also enable the operation of the light head as well.

Why isn’t the optional alarm working during the daylight hours yet the Nightwatcher is working?
If the battery indicator in the optional alarm has stopped flashing, please replace the batteries.

How do I turn the alarm off?
This can be done by using the on/off toggle switch located on the side of the alarm.
The volume of the alarm is too low or too loud.
The volume of the alarm can be adjusted using the volume rocker switch located on the side of the alarm.

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