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Safeguard your Home or Business with the entry level Nightwatcher security light. No more changing light bulbs with the High Powered LED Model Nightwatcher security light.
With its in-built antenna, the Nightwatcher will send a signal to its Wireless Alarm and notify the user that the Nightwatcher has been activated.
With an in built Video Camera, the Nightwatcher begins recording a 20 second clip when it's activated. The video is then stored on the Micro SD memory card which can be easily ejected by the operator to view the footage.
Use your computer to view and record live streaming video directly from the Nightwatcher Security Light. Connect the Wireless USB receiver and a beeping alert will sound when movement has been detected.

If you are after mobile viewing access, the wireless digital monitor can stream digital quality video right in the palm of your hand. View video from up to 4 wireless cameras using the quad split screen view.
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