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  With an in built Video Camera, the Nightwatcher begins recording a 20 second clip when it's activated. The video is then stored on the Micro SD memory card which can be easily ejected by the operator to view the footage.

LED Light Head
Model No: NW1201x

RRP - $399.00


- 8 x 1 Watt Super Bright LED Light Head

- 3 Day Date & Time Backup (2012 UPGRADE FEATURE)

- Energy Efficient - only consuming 8 Watts of power

- Adjustable camera angle, 640 x 480 resolution

- Built in Speaker & Microphone for audio warning alert

- 140 Motion Tracking Light Head

- PIR Sensors with 10m x 220 detection zone

- IP55 Weather Rating

- Aluminium & Plastic Construction

- 1 Year Warranty

- Programmable Function Modes

- Available in Black and White

Download complete Nightwatcher Surveillance Pro Specifications
The 3 Passive Infrared Sensors cover a total detection zone of 220°
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